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Behavioral Health Specialist

North Riverside, IL (ID#15219)

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This position functions as the Behavioral Health Specialist in support of the Illinois Army National Guard Office of the State Surgeon (OTSS). The Illinois Army National Guard (ILARNG) Surgeon’s Office requires a highly responsive contracted staff providing behavioral health professional services (including case management), medical, and dental non-clinical case management and

Administrative care coordinator support services to convert non-medically ready

Soldiers to a Medical Readiness Classification (MRC) of 1 or 2. They function as liaison between the unit of assignment and the Office of the State Surgeon. BHS’s are required to be exceptional planners, coordinators, and facilitators. They are resourceful, identifying and implementing civilian and military resources/services in order to apply them to individual and group needs.

The behavioral health and case management team is expected to track duty limiting behavioral, medical, and dental issues by Soldier. Duty limiting condition information is expected to be synchronized for Soldiers with multiple issues when clinically acceptable between behavioral and medical personnel to streamline contact with units and Soldiers to meet readiness requirements.


Behavioral Health Specialist Services: Non Clinical Case Management practices are directed at addressing chronic conditions that are prevalent in the general patient population. Case managers can affect patient outcomes through proactive interventions across multiple healthcare settings. Additionally, case managers are expected to engage community resources and facilitate ongoing and consistent patient education.

The contractor will work with the ILARNG State Surgeons’ Office to promote mental fitness and wellness for operational readiness. They will also maintain positive relationships at multiple levels within the ILARNG. The services include information exchanges, collaborative prevention efforts, and an extensive array of resources, associations and community partnerships.

The contractor will perform the following specific tasks:

  • Develop and maintain a management system for tracking all tasks regarding Behavioral Health Readiness Support. This system must be available for review at weekly status meetings and is a main system for determining the contractor is performing the tasks to an acceptable level of quality.
  • Collaborate with local military and non-military community resources (Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), Veterans Administration (VA) networks, and Tri-Care providers/non-network providers) that provide support to ILARNG members and their families.
  • Create and maintain a database (Deliverable) of providers compromised of licensed and credentialed civilian behavioral health professionals who meet minimal training requirements and demonstrate knowledge of military culture, assessment, and treatment of the type of behavioral health needs common to a SM. This database will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Contracting Officer Representative to determine that it is being maintained with current information.
  • Act as a liaison to coordinate referrals for soldiers and/or family members to the behavioral health (BH) components of the psychological, family, social, spiritual, and emotional support programs available to service members (SM) and their families.
  • Provide consultation services within 48 hours to medical providers pertaining to behavioral health  issues.
  • Perform initial and follow-up SM screening evaluations within 24 hours of SM contact, utilizing information from clinical interviews, non-psychometric tests, and collateral sources, as appropriate. Determine a provisional diagnosis and formulate appropriate treatment plan.
  • Track SM BH status in Medical Operational Data System (MODS) and Medical Electronic Data (for) Care History and Readiness Tracking (MEDCHART) applications.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of SM medical records in accordance with Army Regulation 40-66 Medical Record Administration and Healthcare Documentation. Provide information to patients about their privacy rights and how their information can be used.
  • Ensure Soldiers sign consent forms regarding their privacy rights. The Contractor shall also be responsible for protecting confidential nature of SM files and medical/behavioral issues. SM records will be reviewed by the Contracting Officer Representative on a weekly basis in order to determine that the contractor is maintaining records IAW the timelines required by AR 40-66. (Level of Quality)
  • Participate in various activities to promote community involvement in psychological, family, social, spiritual and emotional health for the ILARNG. Participate in relevant committee meetings to provide input and obtain information related to psychological health wellness. Provide written findings and effects (weekly) of each outreach activity with the ILARNG State Surgeon’s Office to ensure they remain current on issues related to the program.
  • Manage behavioral health cases of Soldiers referred from Medical Readiness Events (MRE) and Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) events. Complete an assessment of stressors to SM in order to refer to supportive resources accordingly.
  • Ensure SM care is properly managed, minimizing amount of time in non-deployable status. Maintain a management case load of no more than 300 which would be a maximum of at any given time. Provide the designated Medical Detachment Patient Administrator (PAD) with all relevant documentation regarding BH services.
  • Provide technical expertise to Medical Readiness NCO’s toward identifying, evaluating, resourcing, monitoring, and determining dispositions for service members with BH difficulties.
  • Work with Tri-Care and the Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) to obtain prior authorization for treatment for Line of Duty (LOD) behavioral health issues.
  • Provide written recommendations regarding any proposed removal of a Service Member Line-Of-Duty or Incapacitation pay status to the contracting officer representative (COR) for final disposition within 24 hours of LOD actions. Such recommendations can include confidential patient medical information as appropriate and must be protected as such.
  • Provide expeditious support to State Surgeon’s office to find service members (SM) that may have been erroneously identified, and/or assist with processing SM which are found no longer fit for duty through appropriate medical and/or administrative separations.
  • Medical Readiness Support Services: The Contractor shall:
  • Perform Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) assistance visits to facilitate processing through SRP/PHA events. The SRP/PHA locations are within the state of Illinois and additional travel and weekend hours may be necessary.
  • Attend soldier readiness process/reverse soldier readiness process (SRP/RSRP) events and perform detailed records review of individual soldiers to identify any behavioral concerns that require correction prior to mobilization.
  • Distribute individual mobilization requirement guidelines established in Chapter 5-14, Army Regulation (AR) 40-501-Standards of Medical Fitness as augmented and modified by the current Central Command Modification ARMY Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG) to individuals in mobilizing units.
  • Monitor all MODS/MEDCHART applications for compliance with medical readiness objectives set forth by State Surgeons Office for mobilizing units.
  • Assist the commander with the development of courses of action to correct and/or improve individual behavioral health medical readiness concerns on mobilizing personnel.
  • Develop and maintain mobilization medical readiness information databases and spreadsheets to provide weekly status reports to units and State Surgeon’s Office.
  • Perform Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) assistance visits and perform detailed records review of individual soldiers to identify any behavioral concerns that require correction and referral. Performance may be in an on call status from your home of record or in a physical presence at the event status.

Administrative/Clerical Support Services: The Contractor shall:

  • Ensure official correspondence and documents are accurately typed and packaged in accordance with regulations with minimal grammatical and typographical errors. There should be no more than two data errors or one resubmittal per document.
  • Track suspense dates ensuring no missed suspense timelines.
  • Compose routine, non-technical correspondence, such as instructions on behavioral support request procedures, requests for information, case management reports, and letters of acknowledgment.
  • Prepare a wide variety of recurring and nonrecurring correspondence, reports, and other documents, review and finalize correspondence/documents prepared by others in handwritten or electronic drafts. Proofread/edit correspondence and documents for correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and format.
  • Maintain applicable spreadsheets, schedules, appointments, archiving documents, and manage routine correspondence.

File Support Services: The Contractor shall:

  • Ensure documentation is filed in the proper health records within five (5) workdays of generation or receipt. No more than five (5) instances of incorrect filing per month. The Contracting Officer Representative will conduct monthly spot checks of medical records.
  • Prepare medical records in accordance with AR 40-66.
  • Accurately type and package Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protected correspondence and documents in accordance with regulations with minimal grammatical and typographical errors.

Automation Support Services: The Contractor shall:

  • Collect, review, and input data into computer system and audit output data. Input data into medical (MODS, eCase, and MEDCHART) automated systems within 72 hours of receipt with minimal errors. (Level of Quality)
  • Implement “paper-less” initiatives to reduce paper through electronic filing systems.
  • Aid the ILARNG Surgeons Office in the development of Power Point presentations for briefings, and training events.
  • Prepare Excel spreadsheets for tracking documents, and input this information into developed or existing access databases.
  • Send reports, presentations, and briefing documents to Surgeon’s Office for review and approval at least two days prior to the formal briefing.


The Behavioral Health Specialist works with the Case Management team under the direction of the Program Manager.


Behavioral Health Specialist (s)

  • Must have a valid Master’s degree, preferably in social work or counseling, from an educational institution accredited by the Council on Social Work CSWE)/Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).
  • LCSW or LCPC
  • It is preferred that the contractor have experience collaborating with social service agencies to integrate resources, plan, and deliver comprehensive services.


In order to successfully meet the performance objectives of this task order contractor employees should possess the following knowledge/skills:

  • Strong organizational skills; able to multi-task
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Basic knowledge of standard office procedures and the ability to interpret general direction
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access
  • Familiar with the use of Medical Operational Data System (MODS) and Medical Electronic Data for Care History and Readiness Tracking (MEDCHART) systems.
  • Maintain HIPAA Certification
  • Detailed understanding of the following medical guidelines/processes:
    • AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness
    • Department of the Army Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG), Chapter 7
    • US CENTCOM current Modification Mobilization Guidelines
    • Medical Operational Data System (MODS) Applications: MEDCHARTS and Health Readiness Record (HRR).
    • AR 600-85 Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)
    • AR 608-18 Army Family Advocacy Program
    • Army Suicide Prevention Program
    • FM 4-02.51 Behavioral Health Treatment for Soldiers, Chapter 8
    • DoD Directive 6490.1-Mental Health Evaluations of Members of the Armed Forces
    • AR 40-66 Medical Record Administration and Healthcare Documentation


This position is part of a team of behavioral health professionals who work under the supervision of the Program Manager to provide behavioral health case management services to the ILARNG to support CNHS contractual requirements.

Anticipated number of man-hours for this each specialist will average 40 hours per week. Due to the weekend Soldier readiness processing events, contractor personnel may have to adjust the work schedule to stay within the 40 hour per week pay period limit.

Contractor Travel: Travel to other locations in Illinois may be required in order to meet

deliverables of this contract. All travel requirements (including purpose, plans, agenda, itinerary, or dates) shall be pre-approved by the government) and the Program Manager, and is on a strictly cost reimbursable basis.

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