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Job Title:  Laboratory Technician

Job ID#  13194

Location: Fort Sam Houston





We are seeking Laboratory Technician’s to work at The U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) is part of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC). The USAISR is dedicated to both laboratory and clinical trauma research.


Its mission is to provide requirements-driven combat casualty care medical solutions and products for injured soldiers from self-aid through definitive care across the full spectrum of military operations; provide state-of-the-art trauma, burn, and critical care to Department of Defense (DoD) beneficiaries around the world; and provide Burn Special Medical Augmentation Response Teams (BSMART). The USAISR does this through three unique missions: The first mission is to provide requirements driven innovations in combat casualty care advance medical care for injured services members.  The second mission, as the only Burn Center in the DoD provide state of the art burn, trauma and critical care to injured war fighters and DoD beneficiaries around the world. The third mission is carried out through the Joint Trauma System; provide a performance improvement system dedicated to ensuring that medical care is organized according to the needs of the patient.    


If you have a strong desire to be part of this meaningful cause and willing to learn new methods and techniques as the research focus evolves based upon updated or new research procedures. We need you!




  • Provides laboratory, human and animal research support as related to the Burn and Soft Tissue Injury mission and requirements.  Which include:
    • Activities to develop and improve laboratory procedures, full range of research support, and research support administration.
    • Duties include the performance of procedures including but not limited to animal surgery, animal behavior analysis, project design, data entry and analysis, and biochemical assays.
    • Will be responsible for maintain all required materials and supplies in the laboratory, surgery, and storage area
    • Will generate order requests for equipment and supplies
    • Will be responsible to interface with report data to external collaborators.
    • Collecting, maintain, organize and process study data as directed by protocol.


  • Facilitate the preparation of reports, summaries, and grants, and replies to inquiries on different aspects of research protocols
      • Assist with coordination of schedules for protocol events, preparing and submitting manuscripts, posters, and abstracts to relevant journals and meetings. 
  • Conducts laboratory procedures with special emphasis in biochemistry, biology, and laboratory animal care including:
    • Collecting, process, and store biological specimen, conduct laboratory procedures and analyses on specimens and samples from animal patients and research subject. 
    • Will be required to prepare solutions, drugs, and reagents for experiments.


  • Performs and provides assistance with perioperative procedures thought the following:
  • Assists with instrumentation, monitoring, surgical preparation, care and observation during recovery, administration of experimental treatments, sample collection, and observation associated with the collection of research data.
  • Will be responsible for the clean, sterilize, and maintain all instruments and equipment in the surgery area.
  • Responsible for the preparing animal orders and scheduling operating rooms, vivarium, and veterinary services.
  • Perform imaging techniques and procedures as follows:
    • Assisting with imaging assessments, techniques, and procedures to assess injury and healing (including but not limited to, microscopic, near IR, laser) on animals and tissues.  
    • Will be required to maintain and organize digital photomicrographs within the shared ISR drive.
  • Essential duty is to support and report to the Principal Investigator on all aspect of the research.




This position will have limited supervisory authority.



  • Minimum of BS Degree in a Biological Science or Chemistry
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in mass spectrometry and analytical techniques
  • Experience in handle animals (rodents, pigs and large animals) for procedures.
  • Excellent communication skills including prior experience in preparing and submitting manuscripts, posters, and abstracts to relevant journals
  • Experience in working within sterile surgical procedures on small and/or large animals
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in perform Bioluminescence and fluorescence detection with photon capturing/counting technologies.
  • Must be a US citizen




  • Skills and knowledge in full range of research support (e.g., develop study procedures, develop project materials, coordinate and conduct study protocol, operate related equipment, collect and record data, assist with regulatory compliance, and assist with data analysis).
  • Ability to work and support the full range of research support administration.
  • Experience prefer in of ordering thought ISR's Research Management System.
  • Ability to manage scientific references
  • Skills in performing both in vitro and in vivo implanted materials.
  • Skilled in working within highly  demanding environment
  • Successful skills in assist with the necropsy, tissue collection, tissue preservation, and carcass disposal of experimental animals
  • Skills in confocal microscopy including, but not limited to, skin, brain, and eukaryotic cells.
  • Ability to assist  the PI in processing cellular and molecular biology samples




The duties of this position are primarily performed in a climate controlled 100% secured office environment within a large military hospital. Within this building, we do conduct animal and human research. All successful candidate will have to meet the USAISR Health requirements. New hire will comply with safety procedures and infection control/occupational health procedures pertaining to the entire ISR facility, but in particular to the laboratory, vivarium and animal surgery area. This may include documentation of the following: TB Test; Hepatitis B vaccine, titer, or wavier, Toxoplasmosis titer (females); Rabies (pre-bite) vaccine, titer, or wavier, Brucellosis titer; Q-Fever titer, Tetanus booster within the last 5; HIV titer, as required. Other special exam such as pulmonary function, respirator fit, audiogram and/or laser vision testing may also be required.  




This program will focus on advancing the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine through development of new knowledge and strategies for preservation, repair, regeneration, augmentation, or replacement of musculoskeletal tissues and skin injured or physically lost due to combat related extremity trauma and/or burn injury.  We also have on pain research and the evaluation of novel therapeutic devices and drugs, and the evaluation of the relationship of anesthetic agents and physiological and cognitive long-term outcomes.  At time, we also investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of anesthetic agents on coagulation and PTSD development with respect to pain.