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Management Analyst Washington, DC (ID# 13700)


The position will analyze information requirements to develop administrative reporting systems and maintain automated systems to manage and track data requirements.


Includes the following:

  • Receive, review, evaluate, verify, and input requests for vetting of key individuals of firms bidding on DOS contracts, or being considered for grants by the Department.
  • Analyzes incoming data, evaluating information for relevancy and applicability to the vetting process.
  • Analyzes information requirements to develop administrative reporting systems that include system specifications, data gathering and analytical techniques.
  • Maintains automated systems to manage and track data requirements and produce reports pertaining to the vetting process.
  • Uses unclassified/classified, open source, and law enforcement sensitive databases to perform vetting searches; conducts/records all actions in software developed for RAM; extracts, analyzes, summarizes, and disseminates pertinent information to program offices/contract officers.
  • Performs other job related duties as required.
  • To provide Acquisition support services for commercial and non-commercial items in support of the Department of State internal and external customers. To provided many pre and post-award functions involving specialized procurements of significant importance to the agency. Requirements typically involve systems or programs such as: Professional Support Staffing Services, Research, development, and production of extensive, specialized equipment or systems. Examples include complex system, technical support services, ADP, telecommunication systems, and support for special security and communications projects.
  • Support with procurement of a wide range of supplies and services from agencyapproved sources. Provide comprehensive information and documentation to sellers to help ensure procurements are in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) while negotiating with vendors and program offices to verify product specifications. Generate orders for Supplies and Services in line with customer Purchase Requests (PRs). Review offers from interested commercial Sellers that are registered in SAM including from multiple-award schedule contract holders, “agency specific” multiple-award contract holders and specific set-aside Seller communities. Post requisitions of products or services based upon categories and descriptions enabling sellers to pursue business opportunities through bidding on commodities within deadlines. Identify inconsistencies, discrepancies and/or trends within the contract record and discuss with appropriate contract specialists while recommending appropriate modifications.
  • Solicit non-complex commodities and simple services while the sellers successively bid prices down until the auction time ends. An award can be made to the apparent low bidder if it meets the solicitation’s terms and conditions and is technically acceptable.
  • Identifies within assigned major programs(s) those large-scale subsystems, components, equipment, and services to be acquired by contract. Develops procurement objectives for the program in terms of competition and price range, and constructs the contractual vehicle including use of pricing arrangements, subcontracting policy, bet-aside policies, and similar consideration. Prepares and maintains current acquisition plans, appropriate milestone charts, and related schedules.
  • Serves as support for Contracting Officers and Specialists, as well as an advisor to program officials in basic procurement planning. Advises program officials of the procurement objectives to be used, and assists in the preparation of statements of work. Prepares determinations and finding and solicitation documents. Performs detailed analyses of all elements of cost in contractor proposals, and makes competitive range determinations. Coordinates with program officials in understanding of what is required under the proposed modifications to clarify questions concerning such topics as specification changes, language ambiguities, or clarification of contract clauses. As required by the lack of meaningful cost and price information, explores new or innovative contracting approaches to arrive at an equitable contract arrangement.
  • Assist the Government with negotiation strategy, coordinates strategy with negotiation team, and assist the Government with the negotiations which are conducted with contractors to develop the contract prices and terms. Prepare the pre-award documents for contract award.
  • Performs contract administration. Responsibilities typically include incremental funding, preparation of cost adjustments, coordination of timely extensions, incorporation of change orders, monitoring of Government property reporting, prepare contract modification for final payment, and contract closeout. Prepare the contract modification for Termination for the convenience of the Government or default by the contractor for the Government’s Contracting Officer’s approval.
  • Work Environment: Work is performed in an office environment and in close proximity to other workers. Incumbent shall be exposed to those conditions normally encountered in a business office environment. Physical demands are light, consisting primarily of sitting, standing and walking.



No supervisory or management authority.


Bachelor’s Degree in management or business and 3 years of related experience.


  • Knowledge of organization, programs, missions, and functions of the Office of Risk Management and Analysis and applicable regulations, laws and policies in order to ensure that goals and objectives are met.
  • Knowledge of qualitative and quantitative techniques, management principles, organizational theory and methods of analysis and evaluation in order to provide advice, analysis and recommend changes to processes and procedures.
  • Knowledge of the Department’s policies and protocols for working in a SCIF.
  • Knowledge of and skill in using a variety of automation hardware and software programs (such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel) as well as software developed specifically for the Office in order to enter, maintain, and retrieve data for various studies, reports, and briefings.
  • Knowledge of standardized administrative practices and procedures applicable to assignments plus skill in applying fact finding and investigative techniques to gather clear-cut factual evidence, identify, analyze, and recommend solutions or actions to be taken to improve administrative processes.
  • Well-developed oral and written communications skills to articulate views, findings, and recommendations in writing, through oral presentations, and formal briefings, to prepare and persuasive and concise papers and reports, present analyses, provide advice and guidance, solicit information, and defend and negotiate positions.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with both internal and external personnel to serve as a point of contact for assigned functions.
  • Knowledge of proper handling of sensitive documents and security clearance procedures coupled with the ability to obtain and maintain a Top Secret clearance and be granted Sensitive Compartmentalized (SCI) access by the Department.
  • One year of specialized experience performing management improvement studies in areas such as: a) organizational analysis; b) systems and procedures analysis (manual or ADP); c) records management analysis; d) financial analysis; e) work measurement or work simplifications studies; f) cost benefit analysis; or g) budget analysis; AND a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Business Administration or a closely related field; OR three more years of experience assisting in planning and carrying out various management improvement studies in a least one of the areas a)through g) listed previously.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills required to effectively work with a wide-ranging strata of internal and external customers, clients, colleagues, and management.
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills both verbally and in writing. Ability to gather pertinent facts, make thorough analyses, and arrive at sound conclusions. Strong organizational and planning skills. Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work.
  • Able to acquire an understanding of the Department of State domestic and international management and operational structure as well as the relationship of AQM and the Office of Logistics Management within the Bureau of Administration, the Department of State and as a service provider to domestic and overseas Department of State customers.


 Controlled climate office environment.