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Job Title: Research Scientist

Job ID# 13193

Location: Fort Sam Houston




We are seeking Research Scientist’s to work at The U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) is part of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC). The USAISR is dedicated to both laboratory and clinical trauma research.

Its mission is to provide requirements-driven combat casualty care medical solutions and products for injured soldiers from self-aid through definitive care across the full spectrum of military operations; provide state-of-the-art trauma, burn, and critical care to Department of Defense (DoD) beneficiaries around the world; and provide Burn Special Medical Augmentation Response Teams (BSMART). The USAISR does this through three unique missions: The first mission is to provide requirements driven innovations in combat casualty care advance medical care for injured services members.  The second mission, as the only Burn Center in the DoD provide state of the art burn, trauma and critical care to injured war fighters and DoD beneficiaries around the world. The third mission is carried out through the Joint Trauma System; provide a performance improvement system dedicated to ensuring that medical care is organized according to the needs of the patient.    


If you have a strong desire to be part of this meaningful cause and willing to learn new methods and techniques as the research focus evolves based upon updated or new research procedures. We need you!



  • Support related to the Burn and Soft Tissue Injury and Pain management mission and requirements include:
  • Working with the sponsors, Principal Investigators (PI), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Review Board to coordinate activities for protocol approval and implementation and to assure that appropriate regulatory documentation is completed.
  •  Responsible for conduct research studies on Burn injuries along with collect data, reviewing data analyzed by Research Technician(s).
  • This position will be responsible for designing experiments and write protocols and proposals involving established animal models. This would include the development of new animal models for testing pain or stem and progenitor cell/scaffold based approaches for the treatment of fractures, muscle trauma, and burn. 
  • This position will be doing research focused on the development of techniques for isolation, purification, characterization, and differentiation of adult stem cells and progenitor cells from, but not limited to: adipose tissue, bone marrow and skeletal muscle. This position is responsible for the optimize assays for stem and progenitor cell populations.  Along with the management and operation of a variety of clinical and experimental monitors.
  • This position is required to actively gathering, sharing of relevant intellectual knowledge, expertise and data with clinical, and research groups. Maintain current and proficient on burn injury and pain management methodologies and theories thought:  reporting on protocol approval and implementation, on Burn injury research and Pain Management protocols – data collection, analysis, and recommendations. Report on animal model design, experiments, and protocols. Report on development of techniques for isolation, purification, characterization, and differentiation of adult stem cells and progenitor cells.


  • Responsible for laboratory procedures with special emphasis in biochemistry, biology, and laboratory animal care, such as:
  • Document experimental results and tabulate data into spreadsheets. Through summarize data, prepares figures with available computer resources, and conduct preliminary analysis. 
  • Calculate results of assays and evaluate validity of data collected, performs appropriate statistical computations on raw data to determine significance. Also preparing figures, tables, and methodological text for presentations and manuscripts.
  • Assist in preparing photography, graphics, and image production, for study presentations and publications. Also, will be actively involved in the interpretation of results and prepare manuscripts, reports, and presentations for publication.  As well, as participate in lectures, seminars, and conferences.
  • Manage scientific references and performs literature searches, and retrospective data reviews to remain current in pain management or burn injury.



This position will have supervisory authority.




  • PhD in Biology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry or Immunology.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in Biological Science Research
  • Experience in burn, soft tissue injury or pain management research.
  • Experience in working with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Institutional Review Board
  •  Excellent communication skills including prior experience in preparing and submitting manuscripts, posters, and abstracts to relevant journals
  • Experience in working with small and/or large animals models
  • Must be a US citizen



  • Knowledge or have experience in reducing opioid use, on mitigating physiological side effects of analgesics.  Along with experience with study(s) on mitigating psychosocial effects on pain and the ability to understand the identifying pain biomarkers.
  • Skill in management and operations of life support systems, include mechanical ventilators.
  • Ability to working within the data acquisition systems, include pulmonary mechanics monitors and intra as well as extracorporeal oxygenation circuits as required
  • Skill  and knowledge clinical and experimental monitors

· Ability and Skills in collaboration of clinical and research groups such as laboratory procedures with special emphasis in biochemistry, biology, and laboratory animal care

  • Ability to report on data collection, analysis, and dissemination from experiments.
  • Sills in documents, reduces, analyzes, and summarizes experimental data for manager.
  • Prepares data into pictures, graphs, and tables for publication and internal laboratory use.
  • Skills and knowledge in reporting on data collection, analysis, and dissemination from experiments.
  • High level of skills in documents, reduces, analyzes, and summarizes experimental data for Manager.
  • Skill in preparing data into pictures, graphs, and tables for publication and internal laboratory use.




The duties of this position are primarily performed in a climate controlled 100% secured office environment within a large military hospital. Within this building, we do conduct animal and human research. All successful candidate will have to meet the USAISR Health requirements. New hire will comply with safety procedures and infection control/occupational health procedures pertaining to the entire ISR facility, but in particular to the laboratory, vivarium and animal surgery area. This may include documentation of the following: TB Test; Hepatitis B vaccine, titer, or wavier, Toxoplasmosis titer (females); Rabies (pre-bite) vaccine, titer, or wavier, Brucellosis titer; Q-Fever titer, Tetanus booster within the last 5; HIV titer, as required. Other special exam such as pulmonary function, respirator fit, audiogram and/or laser vision testing may also be required.  




This program will focus on advancing the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine through development of new knowledge and strategies for preservation, repair, regeneration, augmentation, or replacement of musculoskeletal tissues and skin injured or physically lost due to combat related extremity trauma and/or burn injury.  We also have on pain research and the evaluation of novel therapeutic devices and drugs, and the evaluation of the relationship of anesthetic agents and physiological and cognitive long-term outcomes.  At time, we also investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of anesthetic agents on coagulation and PTSD development with respect to pain.